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Energy Meter for Android - Measure the total household electricity consumption.

Most electical meters today have a diode that transmits pulses in step with consumption. The diode is marked like "1000 imp / kWh". Put the phone's camera to ...

[App Demo:] Power Consumption Calculator

"Power Consumption Calculator" app is used to calculate the electricity consumption for a particular month based on the usage inputs by the user for appropriate ...

GEC - Genset Engineering Calc - iPhone App

18 electrical & engine calculators (approx. 50 types of calculations) related to generator industry is inside the app.

iOS WiMeter影片

Calculate your electricity bill

Here I am showing you how to Calculate the electricity bill using your Android phone Like the Facebook page

Lanka Electricity Bill 2013 v2 : App Demo

This app attempts to identify the real problem by citing the exact amount the bill will increase. Just input the amount of units you per month and let the app do the ...


PowerPac Mobile Plus Android Presentation

Following on from our PowerPac Mobile Android App PowerPac Mobile Plus has been designed for Tablets 7_ and above and now includes Maximum Demand ...

Driving Down the Dollars per Kilowatt Hour Cost

David Klanecky, Global Business Director for Dow Energy Materials, says that technology for energy density for electric vehicle battery systems will be improving ...

Android Tablet 8" (rooted/swap) current usage PT2

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